Italbox’s story began in the 1970s, when the company was founded to meet the needs of the ceramics sector. The subsequent decade saw the first period of uncertainty caused by the crisis affecting the satellite activities of the ceramics industry. In the middle of this predicament, the far-sightedness of the then-young entrepreneur Gianni Corradini drove him to take over the company which would, over time, become family run. 


The first overhaul at the manufacturing level was to make production essentially artisanal, beginning to produce packaging destined for multiple sectors of goods.
Customers immediately recognised and appreciated Italbox’s values: reliability, punctuality and the care with which it supplied its products. 


The first real challenge which the Corradini family found itself taking on was in 2015, when the price factor started penalising small box manufacturers who were not vertically integrated, such as Italbox. The strategy implemented was to install a corrugator able to produce sheets which could then be processed to obtain the finished product. Thanks to this new tool, the micro corrugation produced still today represents the best which can be found on the market. 

Today, the Corradini family continues to carry forward the fundamental values of Italbox which, over the course of time, has seen its production lines upgraded with advanced and specialised machines, with the company’s customer portfolio growing commensurately and is now very large and diversified.


We create high-quality products to facilitate our customers’ production lines.
Our 50 years of experience allow us to ensure that each and every sheet meets its precise specifications: dimensions, print quality and flatness.